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Information and skills for working with Yolngu and other First Nations groups

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Worldview Course

Understanding worldview is essential for working with people of different cultural backgrounds, yet its importance is rarely recognised.


Kinship Course

This Kinship course is an invaluable and comprehensive insight into the kinship system of the Yolngu of north-east Arnhem Land.


Tips For Teachers

Richard Trudgen delivers ten essential tips for working on community with First Nations Australians, through the lens of the Yolngu worldview.

Cultural Safety

17-minute video where Richard works through 10 fundamental issues needed for a deeper understanding of cultural safety.

Cross-Cultural Starter Pack

This starter pack presents a new, safe and exciting approach to cross-cultural online training for you or your staff. The first course offers an integral understanding of Worldview and how it differs from culture to culture. The second course delivers an in-depth introduction to the complex Yolngu Kinship system. The Tips for Teachers (and others) course delivers information on navigating some of the challenges of living and teaching on community. Finally, the Cultural Safety module offers ten fundamental principles everyone needs to navigate cultural differences in a mutually respectful way.

This pack delivers a running start to becoming culturally competent while learning many exciting things about Yolngu culture — one of the the original Australian cultures. Please contact us for a dynamic group training package that includes other helpful resources.


More Courses Coming Soon!

Worldview Course Content

There are 2 chapters in the Worldview Course

Click the links below to find out about each individual chapter.

Introduction to Worldview

Understanding worldview is essential knowledge for anyone who wants to supercharge their daily communication efforts with people from all walks of life.

In cross-cultural relationships, differences in people’s worldviews can create major, invisible communication issues that result in an inability to come to agreements and understandings.

Yet strangely, worldview is a concept we hear little about.

Worldview Chapter 1 offers an opportunity to delve into new frontiers of understanding the world around us, while learning some effective tools for everyday communication.

Deeper thoughts

There are often very strange and unexpected differences in people’s worldviews, outside our normal experience and understanding.

In this chapter, we learn some historical examples of different worldviews, and we’re given tools for how to engage with people in a way that allows us to discover their worldview in relation to different subjects.

We will also share some tips on how to use this knowledge to support Yolngu people and other marginalised groups.

Kinship Course Content

There are 3 chapters in the Kinship Course

Click the links below to find out about each individual chapter.

Introduction to the Yolngu Kinship System

The Yolngu kinship system, notoriously difficult and extremely complex to understand, is made simpler here using a step-by-step approach.

Kinship Connections

Kinship Connections takes us on a journey to see what family and life are like through the eyes of a young Yolngu person from North-east Arnhem Land.

Kinship Avoidances

Kinship avoidance relationships are poorly understood and often poorly translated as we will see in this chapter, causing great problems for Yolngu people. 


The book Why Warriors lie Down and Die is a cultural awareness course in itself. 

You can also purchase other great, in-depth learning resources. 

Excellent. I wish I had been exposed to these learning's earlier. How much better off would Australia as a nation be if we could give every person, Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal the gift of understanding and tolerance.
Human Resources
Mining Company
I was raised in predominantly Aboriginal areas. My father is a policeman and due to his job I really only got to see the crime associated with Aboriginal people.

Although my father tried to explain to me the Aboriginal culture and way of life, what I saw contradicted this. This seminar opened my eyes and I can now see the other side to the Aboriginal culture. It has been a great experience.

Thank you.
This seminar has changed my entire viewpoint. I didn’t realise how ignorant I was being. Every single Australian should do this course.
Landscape Architect

Why Warriors respectfully acknowledge the Yolngu people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and work.

We pay respect to all First Nations peoples, past, present and emerging.

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