Kinship Connections

You'll learn:

Chapter 2 Description

Chapter 2 dives deeper into the most important relationships within the Yolngu kinship system. 

We will follow the typical life progression of a young man coming of age and describe who he takes care of, learns from, and marries, as governed by his place in the traditional Yolngu kinship system.

Upon completing Chapter 2 you will begin to be able to see what life and family looks like through the eyes of a young Yolngu person. 

This Chapter holds a vast amount of information about traditional family relationships that would usually take a non-Yolngu person many years to learn. 

Kinship Course includes two other chapters:

Chapter 1 introduces the Yolngu kinship system and its terms, rules and naming protocols.

Chapter 3 explores the reasons behind Kinship Avoidances.

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