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Many teachers and others have asked for tips on communicating better in the classroom with their Yolngu students and other Yolngu people.

In this short course, we have pulled together eight tips from our 100+ Cultural Awareness Q&A series, plus we have produced two extra that are not in the Q&A series and put them into a convenient bundle of ten tips for easy access.

When teachers hear some of these tips, they say,

           “Why aren’t we taught this sort of information before being sent to work in such a complicated cross-cultural environment?”

These tips cover a wide range of subjects and will be helpful for anybody working with Yolngu or other First Nations people who still live a traditional lifestyle. 

There is also some very interesting original Australian (Aboriginal) cultural information that you will find hard to come by.

These tips are delivered by Richard Trudgen and will take about 30 – 40 minutes to work through.

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