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Tips For Teachers

You’ll learn:   10 very helpful Tips which include key cross-cultural language issues the use of silence in traditional communication body language and its meanings two words for ‘no’ in Yolngu Matha preparing to live on an Aboriginal community different communication skills exciting complexity within other cultural groups Course Description Many teachers and others have …

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Cultural Safety

What is Cultural Safety? Course Description This video comes free when you purchase the Worldview course. A 17-minute video that works through 10 fundamental issues needed for a deeper understanding of cultural safety.  Richard Trudgen uses daily examples from working in both courts and hospitals to help Yolngu people experience cultural safety and better outcomes. Filmed …

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Kinship Course

You’ll learn about: about the Dhuwa and Yirritja Moiety system Yolngu naming terms and conventions regarding kinship connections some of the complex roles and responsibilities within the interrelationships of the Yolngu kinship system what is an avoidance relationship and what does it signify how to identify, understand and respect people behaving in accordance with avoidance …

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Worldview Course

In Chapter 1, you’ll learn:   what the concept of worldview means that worldviews can be shockingly different how worldview differences can lead to cross-cultural confusion and failed communications some tips in how to check if the person you are working with has a different worldview greater sensitivity to discover what other people may be …

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